Friday, July 15, 2011


Meditation comes after this post and before Penn's bacon donuts and rock & roll party today.
Here are my notes.
Whiteboards everywhere plzkthx
Why would their tactics work on us
9X10^21 / 10^22-10^24 stars
God will kill us makes them more or less threatening?
Set up testing station one minute
6000 "Total" IQ what
Notice your confusion - of course they checked the electronics
Community of rationalists - mc called us this
Make sure that your question's a question!!!
George singing freaking amazing
Skepticism isn't just about being correct it's also about doing the right thing
 False patterns for pattern matching were far less costly than false negatives.
calc how egregiously they should be able to cherry pick, beforehand
There is a place for a magician in the lab whenever deceit could be involved. We deceive ourselves all the time. Is there a place for a cogsci bias consultant in the lab?
Straws plaster of Paris and a gerbil!
PZ sez 5 extinction events makes 6 data points 2 don't count as life was only aquatic and out of 4 the first three didn't result including intelligence so...
OMG Neil don't do the that's such a biiiiiiiiiig number thing
Phd is twice the evidence of scientist given phd that a person is not religious.

Also, harry potter was good. But I have been infiltrated, no single part was better than a certain shining moment in mor... :S

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