Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th

Try things, right? Well, lying-down meditation in the morning isn't something I'll try again too soon. I didn't fall asleep but it required constant vigilance. Maybe it would have gone better somewhere other than my bed? Maybe. In any case I won't be doing that again 'til maybe I'm ready to investigate the sensations of falling asleep. ;)

Then: 4th of July party. Always epic, each year more so. We had about 30 people over at the Johnson's place in Bothell and the changes I have made since mini-camp are freaking clearly great for parties. I was in a state of mild shock for much of the time except it wasn't most of me that was in this state, only that part of me that I allowed to think meta during the party, the rest apparently did a great job being interesting and good looking and looking cool and stuff. And I mean each of those, separately, were far higher than they've been before. I got lots of compliments on how I looked, I had fun conversations with many people, some of whom I didn't really have on my "can have fun conversations with" radar, and I was quite comfortable lounging in a chair outside being the center of attention over 30% of the time in a circle of 4-10ish people for over an hour. Edit: that doesn't do justice to the long period of time during which I was choosing who I was most attracted to and Rohini and Ryan swapped shirts for me...

Also we collected more donations for next year's fireworks than we spent this year, already, and that doesn't count the amount David and I will spend next year...

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