Thursday, July 14, 2011


I decided to do walking meditation today, in the sun. Focused completely on teasing apart the sensations and motions in my right foot. I found 6 separate physical sensations, each of which (with effort and balance) I could stop after, labeled (in some cases prematurely) down heel roll ball push lift. I also spent some time paying attention to how (say) heel felt, then not walking and calling to mind the same sensations to see what just the mental aspect felt like, then walking again to see the difference between the purely mental part and the mental + physical part.

I went over the draft of my presentation with Ravi. Looks like it's going to work out great! We found some areas to tweak, some to radically improve, one that needs to be redone or cut, and I know of one which I didn't finish the draft for yet... but overall easily done in a couple weeks. Lara, Ravi, and I will go over it Monday so I'll finish  up the draft changes and paper prototype at TAM - or I won't, either way. :D

We played Hunter and it went well. For me. I felt on a whole it dragged, but I was holding up my end pretty well. This is in marked contrast to my normal feeling of vague inadequacy while playing a non-game RPG.

The 3 axes worksheet seems right as I remember, and worked well when I tried it.

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