Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Motivation and Dinner

I missed meditating this morning and didn't get to formal sitting until the night. That's unfortunate. Fortunate, though, is that I'm spending time noting more and more during the day - when walking to the restroom or between meetings or at lunch or whatnot. And I noted a thought I've never noted before, "explaining", when a legit reason for a thing I just saw popped into my head. Not rationalizing or story-telling, but explaining.

I was super-motivated during work, wrote up a note-version draft of my presentation, investigated and fixed some good bugs... I attribute it to talking about and getting excited about motivation yesterday. We'll see if there are long-term effects, magically! :) (Also this motivation is clearly evident in my log of what I'm doing when the mindfulness chime goes off)

I had dinner with John and then he and I and Ben talked/worked on career planning for a while. I feel like I don't have a good direction on the meta-level, like I never know what to do next when "working on career planning", like it's not broken down enough yet. Taskification. But I did get at least two very important things out of the evening... what I'm doing with my free time now is a choice on the career decision tree, and I have a feeling to investigate that I don't understand which manifests as a huge difference between a within-Microsoft job change and a change to another large software corporation like Google or Amazon. Realistically those two changes are not very different, but I feel far freer when contemplating what it would be like if I were currently at Google than when contemplating what it would be like if I were currently at Bing. I'm pretty sure this is Important and will work on it tomorrow night.

Hah, what are the odds. Fine, I'll enter "blogging" for what I'm doing right now, silly mindfulness chimes. :D

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