Thursday, July 7, 2011

Space Alert

I thought I might as well check a bunch of postures to see how they feel, so this morning I sat in a chair. Seemed basically fine, easier to keep sitting up rather than slouching for some reason.

I find I'm rationalizing far less often in a way that I explicitly notice at the time. (This leaves open the possibility I'm just becoming better at hiding it from myself, or becoming worse at noticing it.)

I wrote up almost all of the first game we played Saturday, so that's good, but I haven't been spending much time at all researching problem solving, so that's not.

Someone wrote me up a quick variant for Space Alert that supports 8-10 people. ( I'll be playing that this Saturday. Space Alert in general would be fun to play with the LW crowd... so I'll bring that up.

Oh and another independent person came up to me again today and said she thought I'd lost weight, this silly lengthening the face with facial hair thing is ridiculous.

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