Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This morning my stuffy nose was like all grrr and argh. But that didn't stop me and I got in some good practice. I really want to go an hour rather than half an hour, it seems there's a longish ramp-up before my mind calms down, and the most interesting things are always near the end. I'll schedule that for Saturdays and see how that goes.

This Saturday though I will be in Vegas! Who knows what I'll be doing schedule-wise. Yay TAM. Or at least I anticipate yay. I've never been to one before.

I was pretty motivated again today to write up the presentation! Not super-motivated but pretty. I've got a good draft now and I'll go over it with my coworker tomorrow.

Then: Frisbee. After a week off I was so ready. We had a very tight game, 13-15, and I learned (viscerally rather than intellectually) some good tactics involving how to cut and how to clear out in a useful way.

I put together a draft of a worksheet on 3 axes to explore the emotional brain's map near a goal and plan. I'd like to do the worksheet now, but it's late. If I don't then I'll do it tomorrow. If it's fine then I'll send it John's way.

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