Monday, July 4, 2011

People are here

I am continually surprised out how interesting insight meditation is. Especially sitting. I mean come on, I'm sitting very still for half an hour. How could that be interesting? Even though as I write this I realize I sit very still for much longer while watching a movie...

Today was in large part a Day Of Rest. After yesterday and with full knowledge that tomorrow's going to be crazy, I needed one. Still there were tons of people around 'cause of the 4th weekend and I did things with them, played games, had dinner, etc... but I skipped the hike and left gaming early, neither of which is at all characteristic.

Every time-unit or so, I did go clean up some of yesterday's mess. Now I have a couple stacks of papers to record and a hungry hungry hippos board to return; I'll get to one of those tomorrow but not both. :D

I looked at migrating to Wordpress but it seemed to take more than 5 minutes so I'll get to that later. One nice thing, I've gained enough self-knowledge to know that these "I'll do such-and-such later" statements are factual and a good idea, not just procrastination. I was kind of surprised to notice that.

Also: simply noting without rewarding did not lead anywhere down the mind-path toward desiring to clean the restroom. Starting now I will move to smile-rewarding and see where a week of that takes me.

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