Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm pretty much locked into insight practice for a while unless I find a place I can go with air conditioning. It gets too warm to concentrate.

I signed up to give a talk at work on a project I did a few months ago, at the information flow level. This should be loads of goodness, especially if I can get other people to give similar talks.

I've been reading and doing a bit of practicing with the Internal Family Systems material. It's been fascinating so far. I have found several Protectors and an Exile, using Earley's terminology, including one very strange Protector. I got the image (metaphor ;)) of a spindly being that turned off a TV set which I was using to show situations to myself. It seemed right to call him Goofy as he brought up associations with Goofy. I am working in and around certain mildly traumatic events from my childhood during my parents' separation and divorce.

Schwartz and Earley's description of the Self feels remarkably similar to Anna's description of curiosity and Ingram's description of accepting and investigating whatever arises. Either they're all describing something similar or I'm being taken in.

Given me another month and I feel I'll be more confident.

Oh yes and I would like to buy 3-year poorly-priced options on Bitcoin plzkthx.

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