Saturday, July 2, 2011


This morning I felt as if I were at the back of my skull rather than behind my eyes, for maybe 5 minutes. Pretty weird... I basically spent all of my free time trying to get the last parts of the games/etc. tomorrow together. I finished the day with a bit more to do, but all of it pretty much known undones. I keep feeling slightly disappointed in the results because I know if I had another week the event could be better, but I think that's actually a rationalization - the real reason I'm disappointed is because I'm scared everyone will think it's lame. This is the haunted house problem, one part of me is actually pretty certain this is good.

Also I learned a brand-new awesome skill in preparation for tomorrow. And I'm writing this tomorrow so every time I write "this morning" or "tomorrow" I feel silly in a Playful way.

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