Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Days One Post

The Kirkland Street Scramble was fun! Kind of fucking brutal but fun. How did it get us to jog (and walk some, especially up hills) for 2.5 hours? Clearly Delay was greatly reduced since it wasn't 2.5 hours, it was a bunch of checkpoints to go find. Impulsiveness was far lower with 2 people than 1, neither wants to be the one to back down (public precommitment almost). Expectancy quite high since we keep succeeding and we had a fallback plan to make sure we arrived back in time. Value not much higher than standard exercise, except you're doing it with a friend which is good.

Then I played some 2HG with French Scars cards. Not sure that was worth it but it was entertaining. Afterwards I came home to people prepping to play Conquest of Nerath for the first time and I got in on that. Due to going last I had a huge advantage - everyone else royally screwed up something on their first turn and I got to see it so I avoided three mistakes. :D

Then it was Monday and I was sore.

I talked with jimmy about an article I'd like him to write on his readings on hypnosis. We didn't finish before it was time to talk with Victoria so we'll resume tomorrow. Then I talked with Victoria! She's been looking at IFS as well, and her niece more than her. We both think it's at the very least easier to talk to parts as people than any other similar method we've tried. She's got a big life choice ahead of her, PhD or industry - I'm grateful that I can stay in a very nice baseline state while making those sorts of decisions.

Oh and the Puzzlehunt teams are close to organized now. Or my part of organizing them anyway.

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