Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2nd Closest Possible Game

I played my final game of Frisbee for this league today. It was the second-closest possible game, 17-16 in a game-to-15 win-by-2 hard-cap-17. (the closest is 16-16 stop when the lights go out). I had a lot of fun and have improved dramatically - my errors now are things like "you made an awesome cut deep into the endzone and didn't manage to catch the disc" or "when defending, instead of catching the disc, you're still knocking it down" or "don't make perfect throws to someone cutting across the field if their defender has a good chance of running the disc down if they hustle".

jimmy and I finished up his infodump of hypnotism, I'm on deck for whipping up a couple of quick sketches of articles I would have liked to see given his content. Should be pretty easy.

John makes the good point that we should have lunch sometimes 'cause we work pretty close together.

And I'm going to use http://betterme.org/cleansweep to motivate me to improve some random stuff, 'cause I went there and clicked check boxes and was suddenly motivated to click more. Good opportunity. :) And there's some easy stuff there! "My bed is made daily." And some stuff I'd love to do, "I surround myself with music which makes my life more enjoyable.".


  1. I'm giving this Clean Sweep thing a shot. If you don't mind mentioning, what was your initial score(s)? I had a 29/100... only 4 for well-being.

  2. Mine was 40/100, Physical Environment = 6.