Thursday, August 11, 2011


My glasses broke. I taped them up and they look quite bad. Tomorrow I'll go somewhere and try getting something new I guess? I forget how this works, these things are so old!

So I think I've detected some kind of coverup at work. Someone's trying to push a new spec through really fast, and several things just don't make sense. "I notice I am confused." Anyway I'm just going to play dumb and do the right-for-the-product thing and see if they'll come out more explicitly with whatever politics are happening. Silly politics.

I screwed up scheduling a chat with Victoria pretty badly, aka twice. First I was wrong about which day my frisbee game was on, then about which day sushi was on, so we talked for maybe 20-30 minutes today and will reconvene Monday.

At sushi my roommate coined a good word for mini-camp: fashionality camp. :D

Oh and I listened to a recording of my Tuesday presentation. Five notes: 1) I don't dislike the recorded sound of my voice anymore. Odd. 2) I say "Okay" a lot. 3) I say "So" a lot. 4) I say "Okay, so" a lot. 5) I actually didn't say "uh" or "um" much at all.

And there aren't any obviously good places to insert myself into the extant Giving Campaign structure. Everything is either too low impact or too high cost.

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