Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well, I just complemented a coworker on his sweet shirt. wtf did you turn me into, Luke?

So yeah more people complimented me on my presentation. I got a "you are my new presentation hero". Spending the time to optimize is like the best thing ever, apparently. I applied several techniques: asking experts how they do it, not using my first solution, trying things (I ended up drawing all slides on a whiteboard and taking pictures of that and using those as slides), adding unnecessary but appropriate smiley faces, planning for the planning fallacy (aimed the 1-hour talk at 35 minutes), increasing motivation (decreased delay by thinking of intermediate rewards in showing drafts to coworkers, increased expectancy by working on it right after succeeding on other small things), and I recognized that delaying it by a couple weeks was better than trying to force myself into a tight schedule (whatever that's called), and maybe more?

So I'm going to force some other people to do their features now, or if they won't I'll do their features.

Arabian Nights and Dominion at home. OH YES, and potatoes are the best random food to cook up and eat. By cook I mean put in the microwave and hit "potato" and then stuff with cheese and butter and onions and sour cream and you're done.

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